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on-line shop engine and shop administration panel

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Project scope:

  • creating a complete online shop engine as a server application
  • creating a browser application admin panel for the administration service of the shop
  • creating administration panel views
  • full data logic in the panel application and its connection with the shop engine, ensuring the possibility of managing sales and offer
  • connecting the server application with the database, designing data models
  • design and implementation of assortment management tools
  • design and implementation of cart and order management tools
  • creating a tool that optimizes product photos and places them in the cloud (AWS) for further use
  • taking care of data security, authentication and authorization system
  • creating data validators and error handling
  • hosting of shop and panel applications



An online shop engine, fullstack application: shop engine as a server application and a browser application that is an administration panel. Admin panel is responsive.


Creation of a complete online shop with an administration panel. The server application of the shop is to be an API for browser applications for users which communicate with it to be able to present the offered products and carry out the sales process. Creating an admin panel of the shop, in which it must be possible to manage the offer, prices, product groups, sales, discounts, carts, orders, order fulfillment statuses.


The design of the panel is not the priority here, but the views are neat and clear, focusing on clearly displaying data in tables or tabs. Tables include the possibility of sorting data, as well as searching and sorting them. The panel is responsive.


The store engine communicates with a very fast database located in the cloud, where all information about products, customers, baskets and orders is stored. Large static files, i.e. photos of products, are stored in the AWS cloud, from which they can then be instantly served to users' browsers.

Product photos are properly optimized on the server before they go to the cloud. The data passing through the server are fully validated and their correctness is checked.

The store engine is proprietary and fully customized to the customer's requirements, but it is so versatile that it can serve as the backbone of other stores after customization. It includes a number of facilities for the administrator that can be used in the admin panel.

The panel aggregates and displays data in the following views: products, product groups, customers, baskets, orders. In each of these views, the data is displayed in easy-to-read tables, and the landing area can be slightly adapted to your own requirements. There is implemented data sorting and filtering as well as pagination. An interesting solution is the implementation of collective changes, i.e. the possibility of introducing the same change of the selected parameter, but in many positions at once. For example, you can change the order fulfillment status for multiple orders at once instead of each separately. You can also, for example, with a few clicks, change the assignment to a product group of many products at once (e.g. throw 30 products at the same time into a discounted outlet group) instead of making many changes separately.

Tools for changing the currently existing baskets or orders have also been implemented - the administrator may propose a change of the terms of the contract if necessary (e.g. when there is a lack of a product during the execution of the order or the price was wrong). In such a situation, we will also take care of the customer of the store, who must confirm the acceptance of such changes by clicking on a private link.

The store engine automatically sends e-mails to customers regarding the status of order fulfillment, etc., and to the administrator in the case of a new order.

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