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Interactive handling of customer inquiries

We have created a tool in which customers can submit sales proposals for their products. The operating company received a panel for managing inquiries so application can be filtered in one place, accepted or rejected in relation to each product. Customer automatically receives e-mail information with the status of his application and instructions and, if it is necessary, also automatically a cooperation agreement.

Shop panel - collective products change

The panel of our online shop has many improvements that our customers can use. This time, we provided the functionality of collective change of various parameters of many products. Admin can set the same parameter for multiple products at once with one click, instead of editing each product separately. This resulted in time savings and convenience.

CMS for a slider LIVE

We provided our client with an easy-to-use tool for managing the content of the slider on their website. The edition works in live mode - changes in the portal are visible immediately, the user does not even have to refresh the page. The slider contains sets of related product proposals - you can easily add new sets or replace individual products in sets. The dashboard view additionally informs about the status of the slider.

Interactive handling of customer inquiries

We have implemented a system that improves the company's communication with its potential customers. Our client received a panel for tracking correspondence threads and conducting them in an orderly manner. Through the portal, the company's customers can quickly create a conversation thread with regard to a specific product or a general topic. Users receive notifications of changes to their thread and can continue a specific conversation in a private dedicated view.

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