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CRM app and CMS for company's portal with catalog

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Project scope:

  • creating a complete CRM and CMS system with an administration panel tailored to the client's needs
  • creating a browser application admin panel for the administrative operation of the server application
  • creating views of the CRM and CMS administration panel
  • full data logic in the panel application and its connection with the server application engine, ensuring the possibility of managing the product catalog, customer notifications, clients, etc.
  • connecting the server application with the database, designing data models
  • designing and implementing tools for managing products in the catalog and meta data for displaying portal views
  • design and implementation of tools for managing customer requests for resale of products
  • design and implementation of a customer communication tool
  • creating a tool that optimizes product photos and places them in the cloud (AWS) for further use
  • taking care of data security, authentication and authorization system
  • creating data validators and error handling
  • hosting the server application and admin panel



Fullstack application: CRM & CMS as a server application and browser application as an administration panel. The admin panel is responsive.


Creation of a CRM and CMS system and sharing the API of these systems as a data provider for a portal with a catalog and as an engine for handling communication between portal users and the company. The managing company must have access to the data from the database and be able to clearly display, modify and manage them, which is implemented in a separate browser application - panel admin. The application is to aggregate product data in the product catalog and metadata for the views of the portal for users, thanks to which it is possible to modify the page output, e.g. sliders presenting new products, etc. (CMS). At the same time, the application includes the functionality of communication between users and the company. The administrator can perform all tasks related to communication, product promotion, and the presentation of the offer on the portal in one place. The application must also be a CRM system in which the company can manage customer data, contracts, etc.


The design of the panel is not the priority here, but the views are neat and clear, focusing on clearly displaying data in tables or tabs. Tables include the possibility of sorting data, as well as searching and sorting them. The panel is responsive.


The server application communicates with a very fast database located in the cloud, in which all information about products, metadata about displaying pages and customers are stored. Large static files, i.e. photos of products, are stored in the AWS cloud, from which they can then be instantly served to users' browsers.

Product photos are properly optimized on the server before they go to the cloud. The data passing through the server are fully validated and their correctness is checked.

The mechanics of the application are proprietary and fully adapted to the client's requirements. It includes a number of facilities for the administrator that can be used in the admin panel.

The panel aggregates and displays data in the following views: dashboard, products, product groups, brands, customers, sets of proposals, news, resale offers, subscribers. In each of these views, the data is displayed in easy-to-read tables, and the landing area can be slightly adapted to your own requirements. Data sorting, filtering and pagination are implemented. An interesting solution is the implementation of collective changes, i.e. the possibility of introducing the same change of the selected parameter, but in many positions at once.

Customer communication tools have been implemented: a complete mechanism for collecting customer requests for the resale of their products, storing those requests and making decisions to cooperate with those requests. The whole thing is aggregated in one view, where you can manage tickets, search for them, etc.

The message view, on the other hand, aggregates the correspondence with individual clients in the form of a chat, which contains information about the correspondence and the entire history of the conversation.

An important part of the application is the ability to store customer data and photos / scans of contracts. If you want to display the contract in the CRM panel admin, the contracts are downloaded from the AWS cloud after server authorization and served only to be displayed in the panel, they are private.

The application also includes a dashboard view in which an alert system for service people has been implemented, which suggests what is currently happening in the area of ​​the portal, products, customers and communication. For example, is there a missing photo for the product added to the catalog, are the sliders in the portal correctly positioned, is there a new correspondence from the client or a proposal for cooperation and decisions should be made.

The application automatically sends e-mails to clients and to the administrator's address, the e-mails are clearly formatted with graphic templates.

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