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Quiz Game - full stack SSR with auth and database

Tech stack:

  • Node.js -> Express.js
  • MongoDB -> Mongoose
  • Express React Views
  • Nodemailer
  • Bcryptjs
  • Express Flash Message
  • Express Validator
  • Multer
  • Moment



Whole App coded in JS on Node.js with use of Express.js. Server with Node generates html files which are displied in user's web browser - they are custom and depend on user's behaving. Also static JS files are served what is important to give the game smooth run (time lapse effect). App uses Mongo DB to store users' data and game data and express-session and cookies to keep user logged in, to log out etc.

The application includes a fairly extensive auth module with full data validation and authentication via mail - Nodemailer used. User account editing and deletion possible. Validation on the server is possible due to use of Express Validator, Photos (Avatars) can be hadled by Multer.

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