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Interactive handling of customer inquiries


  • user interface for initiating correspondence in the browser
  • interface for managing threads in the browser for the company
  • the main application works on the server side
  • accepts messages, validates, saves them in the database
  • the application sends automatic e-mail notifications
  • the application generates a private view of a specific correspondence to track it only for user with an individual link
  • possibility to create a correspondence for each product separately
  • possibility of creating general correspondence from the portal
  • information for the company about the status of individual correspondences, automatic notifications about the need to answer


We have implemented a system that improves the company's communication with its potential customers. Our client received a panel for tracking correspondence threads and conducting them in an orderly manner. Through the portal, the company's customers can quickly create a conversation thread with regard to a specific product or a general topic. Users receive notifications of changes to their thread and can continue a specific conversation in a private dedicated view.

Thanks to this, the time of contact initiation by a potential client, and thus the continuation of the thread, is very short, the expenditure of effort is small and the client does not leave the portal or even the view of a specific product that he is interested in. This should encourage contact and the company that owns the tool can then more easily convert the inquiry into a sale. Users do not have to use their own mail box, they do not have to search for the view with contact details in portal.

The message delivered to the company from the client already contains information about the specific product the question concerns. The management company has access to the view in the panel in which all threads are organized, which increases the efficiency of exchanging messages. No question from a potential customer will be missed.

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