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Interactive handling of customer inquiries


  • user interface for inquiries in the browser
  • management interface in the browser
  • the main application works on the server side
  • accepts data, validates, saves in the database
  • photos from reports stored in the cloud
  • optimization of photos on the server before uploading to the cloud
  • preview of photos for the user during preparing an inquiry
  • possibility to add many products on one application
  • form with validation in the browser
  • data validation on the server
  • automatic e-mails with status summaries
  • ability to manage notifications for individual products
  • the possibility of placing an encrypted link to download the contract in response to the user


Our client had a need to improve communication with his clients in terms of their products for resale. The aim was to obtain uniform and complete information in each application with photos of products and the possibility of storing the applications in one place, providing them with their statuses and reducing the response time to each new application.

We have created a tool where users can submit sales applications for their products through the customer portal. The necessary information on each product should be added. Several products can be placed on a single entry. The company handling the applications received a panel to manage them. They can filter, accept, or decline applications in one place for each of the products. Responses are generated automatically. The customer receives e-mail information with the status of his application and instructions and, if it is necessary, also automatically a cooperation agreement. The contract can be downloaded for a limited time at an encrypted link.

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