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Shop panel - collective products change


  • the functionality is implemented on the side of the shop engine running on the server
  • shop engine is an API for shop views (for users)
  • the shop engine is also an API for the panel view
  • panel (frontend) has implemented functionality delivered by API from the shop engine of the described collective change
  • the server validates all actions, ensures correctness, provides feedback as to changes taking into account each product
  • the server makes changes to the parameters of the products, new parameters can be available in the API right away, the shop's frontend also has access to them
  • data stored in a fast database


The panel of our online shop has many improvements that our customers can use. This time, we provided the functionality of collective change of various parameters of many products. Admin can set the same parameter for multiple products at once with one click, instead of editing each product separately. It was time-saving and convenient.

Just imagine that you have to change, for example, the assignment to a product group for 50 products at a time. In our panel, it is enough that you select these products and change the indicated parameter only once. For example, if you want to put all products from the "winter" collection in the "sale" group, because summer comes, you can easily filter the products from the "winter" group, select them with one click and then in one modal window enter a new parameter for assigning to a new group. The entire task can be completed in seconds. Imagine editing dozens of products and going into each of them separately...

Our solutions are intuitive, simple and fast. They save customers time and money.

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