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CMS for a slider LIVE


  • view for managing the slider content in the browser (in the CMS panel) for the manager
  • section in the dashboard in the CMS panel informing about the status of the slider
  • the proper application works on the server side
  • accepts data on products selected for the slider, validates, saves connections in the database
  • preview of selected products
  • slider products are fetched during the portal build and revalidated and additionally revalidated when the portal is used by customers, therefore the slider is always up-to-date and the presented data is the most recent possible


We provided our client with an easy-to-use tool for managing the content of the slider on their website. The edition works in live mode - changes in the portal are visible immediately, the user does not even have to refresh the page. The slider contains sets of related product proposals - you can easily add new sets or replace individual products in sets. The dashboard view also informs about the status of the slider.

The user of the CMS panel has access to a simple view presenting the current status of each set displayed in the slider. You can easily and quickly add new sets, replace products. Preview of photos of added products improves operations.

Thanks to this, the slider is very easy and quick to manage and the CMS user can spend time on other business matters.

Slider products to be displayed on the portal are fetched when publishing the portal and revalidated from time to time, but additionally they are always additionally revalidated during the use of the portal by each user. The slider is therefore always as up-to-date as possible. It cannot display out-of-date sets depending on who is viewing the portal and when.

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