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Pudłowska - an online shop with a home page

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Project scope:

  • creating a graphic design with the selection of a visual style, fonts, component appearance,
  • creating brand pages
  • creating websites for an online shop
  • implementation of the full logic of the online shop
  • implementation of the shopping cart and order generation system
  • implementation of an on-line payment system
  • implementation of a tool for selecting parcel machines
  • SEO optimization
  • connection of the front of the shop with the engine of the shop on the server
  • designing the data flow between the front and backend
  • all business logic and shop mechanics on the font and backend side
  • connection with Google Search Console
  • application hosting, connection with the domain
  • the project also includes a full API of the shop, application operating on the server side
  • a separate backend application with database connection, data flow validation, authentication and authorization was created
  • a separate backend application may be connected as an API to this shop or other shops in the future



An online shop - fullstack app. Shop engine on the server side with a browser application for users and an admin panel for the company. Responsive design.


Creation of a complete online shop. Providing full functionality of quick and intuitive purchases for both registered regular customers and anonymous users along with the functionality of online payments. Delivering a funcionality of managing the unique projects of the designer in a fair way for the clients.


The look is to be attractive, modern and minimalist. It should not dominate the photos of fashion designs presented in the store. Two separate themes were used depending on the subpage that is displayed - the home page is in a dark tone, the store's sub-site is to emphasize the products, and a light tone was used.


The brand's website and the shop's website are rendered in the user's browser, while displaying only the latest data, which is downloaded when the website is opened from the shop's engine located on the server. Due to the uniqueness of the presented products (single projects), the logic of the basket was applied such that the transfer of an article to it by one user makes it unavailable to others, and vice versa when the article or the entire basket is deleted (by the user or administrator).

The logic of the shop for making purchases is intuitive and shortened to the necessary steps, without unnecessary messages, redirection to other products, etc. The user can make a purchase anonymously, provide the necessary data, choose a parcel locker or courier delivery, pay for the order online. - the whole thing may take only a few seconds. After registration, the user also receives access to the purchase history and the status of current orders.

Special cards for "Sale" and "New" products and such product groups were created. These products are presented in a special way to attract the customer's attention.

The user will easily find the product they are looking for using the sub-menu / filters of product categories or the quick search engine for articles by part of the name.

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