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Pudłowska - an online shop with a home page

Tech stack:

  • React
  • Redux & Thunk
  • Axios
  • React Router
  • Material-UI
  • Formik
  • Swiper
  • GSAP
  • Styled Components
  • SERVER: node.js -> Express
  • SERVER: MongoDB -> Mongoose
  • SERVER: Nodemailer
  • SERVER: aws-sdk
  • SERVER: multer
  • SERVER: sharp
  • SERVER: jsonwebtoken
  • SERVER: Express validator



The complete application consists of 3 large parts: frontend of the shop, backend - API on the server connected to the database and the cloud, and the frontend of the admin panel. Browser applications (shop, admin panel) were created in React using the entire ecosystem such as React Router or Redux. At the moment of opening in the browser, the current data is always fetched from the shop engine on the server.

An important part of the browser application is the state of the application maintained in the Redux store, and the mechanics are a series of asynchronous actions which, communicating with the server, change the state in the Redux store, and thus the operation of the shop.

Shop users receive e-mails with notifications of orders and status changes, as well as links, the calling of which confirms any changes to the order introduced by the administrator.

When placing an order and choosing a delivery, you can choose a parcel locker on the map thanks to the integration of the application with the in-post API

Online payments can be made thanks to integration with Przelewy24.

The application has been carefully managed with errors - the user is never left without information about what is happening in the portal or if something has gone wrong.

API / backend adds full mechanics relevant to data management by the administrator, which is described as a separate project. This application is also the data base for the shop.

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